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  1. Whimsical Maternity Session

    2017-06-06 17:43:00 UTC

    This maternity session is a little extra special to me. Brie and I have been friends for 4 years now, we met through our personal style blogs one night at happy hour and instantly became best friends. Seriously, other than my mom Brie is the second person I text all…

  2. Meriah, graduation photos

    2017-06-05 18:54:00 UTC

    I haven’t done a lot of High School Graduation Photos in a while. Not because I don’t like them, its just that I have been so busy with wedding season these past few months that I hadn’t really though about digging into the market. When Meriah showed up at her…

  3. big announcement

    2017-04-18 22:37:00 UTC

    photo by: Larissa Jean Photography We have a big announcement today, we are moving to British Columbia, Canada! It’s been one crazy wild ride since we have decided to make the move, but the stars have aligned for us in more ways than we possibly could have imagined. Not not…

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