Kevin + Larissa, Desert Engagement!

I was so honored when Larissa approached me to shoot her and Kevin’s engagement photos and even more so when she asked me to be their wedding photographer! I get nervous before every shoot still, but this engagement session was a whole new level of nerves because Larissa too, is a photographer. Talk about pressure! The first thing she said to me was, “I want saguaro cactus + Kevin and I will probably need to be sitting in every photo because he is so much taller than me!” I laughed out load and told her I am sure we would figure something out. 

As you can see, Larissa + Kevin both are naturals in front of the camera. We had such a fun time at 5:45am (Kevin was a trooper!) because Larissa new she wanted morning light. Guess the saying should go, the early bird gets the best shots! Hope you enjoy their desert theme engagement photos!

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