what to wear for family photos

I get asked this questions all the time form clients who are booking family photos; “what should we wear?” It is a tough questions, and such a stressful part of having the photos taken especially since you will plans on having these  photos that will be all over your home, hanging on the walls, and memories for a life time. So I thought I would put together some samples of recently families who nailed it in the outfit department. I have a mix of summery, wintery, dressy, and casual. 

I typically give my clients two major pieces of advice: 1. make sure you are comfortable in your attire, you want to feel and look like you! 2. you want to make sure your family matches without looking too matchy matchy. The days of jeans and white tees are no longer, we can get a little more creative and have fun with our outfits while still looking unison. 

For Fall photos i usually recommend jewel tones with a mix of neutrals. Burgundy, navy, emerald with grays, creams, and gold are always a great look! For Spring or Summer photos I love mint + coral together. As well as more neutrals and soft colors such as blue hues. Take a look at some of my favorite outfits from my amazing clients….

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